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The family of European projects Glottodrama (LLP Multilateral 2007, Dissemination 2010 and Transfer of Innovation 2012), all developed with the financial support of the Lifelong Learning Programme, has introduced a new methodology to teach foreign languages through Drama. This method was conceived to overcome the most common problems related to the acquisition of oral skills in foreign language learning. The main idea was to challenge some long lasting and deeply rooted prejudices or pedagogical mistakes: the confusion between "language competence" and "communicative competence", the separation in language learning between verbal codes and no-verbal codes, the overvaluation of written work and grammar study, the undervaluation of an active role of the students in the learning process, the lack of creativity and use of imagination in many class activities, the inadequate self- motivation of many students who fail to reach the expected objectives.

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European Language Label
Glottodrama project has been awarded with the European Language Label 2010 and with Ginko Award 2012. The European Language Label is an award that encourages creative and innovative ways to improve the quality of language teaching and learning.

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Glottodrama courses for teachers
The main objective of these training courses takin place in Rome is to make candidates familiar with the theoretical principles and the practical application of the Glottodrama method in order to foster the employment of this methodology in candidates' educational institutions. These courses have been organized from 2010 to the first semester of 2014 in the frame of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme and have received the "Ginko Award 2012" for Best Practice in Validation. The same courses are now offered in the frame of Erasmus +, Action K1, International Mobility Projects. EU grants for participants are available. Click the following link for more information about programme of the courses, calendar of the sessions, procedure to get a European Grant and registration form.

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Glottodrama workshops 2013/2014

Learn Italian through drama
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A growing international partnership

This site represents the official voice of a European network of partners which have contributed to the development of the Glottodrama Method taking an active part in one or more projects:
Novacultur, Italy;  II° University of Rome,Italy; State School Manin, Italy; CREI, France; Language School Perugia, Greece; University of Bucharest, Romania; Euroinform Ltd, Bulgaria; Ankara University Tomer,Turkey; Universidad Politécnica de València, Spain; Cial Centro de Lìnguas, Portugal.  Moreover some relevant external partners have supported or are supporting the development of Glottodrama: University Paris I - Sorbonne; Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica "Silvio D'Amico, Rome.

Glottodrama Method diffusion in Europe


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Glottodrama dissemination project

Imparare l'italiano attraverso le tecniche teatrali"

"Che dramma la lingua! Il metodo Glottodrama"
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"I casi del commissario Gatto"


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