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About us

Novacultur is a Research and Language Training Agency based in Romeand operating since 1987. In over 25 years of activity our company has participated, as a coordinator or as a partner, in several pedagogical projects under the main European programmes: Lingua, Socrates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Lifelong Learning.

The results of these projects, carried out by an international team of educational institutions, linguists, pedagogists and language teachers , have been widely applied to the teaching of several European languages: Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish.

Our main company mission is pedagogical innovation in order to improve the quality of a communicative approach to language learning and we focus in particular on the Performing Arts applied to foreign language teaching.
The quality of our projects has been recognized by national and international institutions: the Glottodrama project was awarded with the “European Language Label” in 2010 and the in-service Training Seminars for Teachers with the GINCO Award for Best Quality Grundtvig Courses in 2012.


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