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Final Performance "Singing on the Ruins" of the students from the Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica "Silvio D'Amico"- organized by Novacultur in the frame of GLO-TOI Project (target language-English)


"Glodiss: new horizons for Glottodrama Project". 

Video documentary of the Glodiss Project, English.

"Glottodrama: learning a language by drama".

Video documentary of the Glottodrama Project, English suntitled.

“Che dramma la lingua! Il metodo Glottodrama” (Language,what a tragedy! the Glottodrama method).
First Part. Lab and Interviews about the Glottodrama method realized by Novacultur editions in cooperation with the Comprehensive Institute “D.Manin”, Rome, May 2009.

"I casi del commissario Gatto".
Second Part. Fiction realized by Novacultur editions in collaboration with the foreign students of  the project partner p.l.c. “N.Mandela”,in the Comprehensive Institute D.Manin, Rome, May 2009.


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