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International Directory of Glottodrama Qualified Teachers

Since 2010 the coordinator of Glottodrama Projects has been training teachers under the grant schemes of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme first, and now of the Erasmus + Programme. More than 400 teachers attended these seminars over the past years and got the certificate of Glottodrama Qualified Tutor.
Now we have decided to move a step forward and make available an official directory of these teachers who represent in Europe an elite of open-minded tutors sharing a common pedagogical belief in the communicative approach and holding an expertise in this cutting-edge methodology. Most of them have a sound background in the field of performing arts applied to language learning and some of them have an outstanding experience in applying this very innovative methodology combining the skills of the language teacher with those of the actors’ coach, the Glottodrama Senior Tutors.
If you are interested in joining our community of vanguard teachers and profit by our exclusive teaching materials, send your CV and apply for a training course. Courses are open also to candidates without the support of EU grants.

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