This GLO-DISS project was aimed at expanding and disseminating the results of the LLP research project called “Glottodrama”(Project Number 13556-2007), an innovative methodology to teach Italian as a foreign language that integrates a communicative approach with the actors” training. Even if the target language is Italian, this methodology can be easily applied to the teaching of other foreign languages.

The first intermediate results of the project (pilot classes held in Italy, France, Greece and Romania) have shown clearly that all students learning Italian as a foreign language with Glottodrama achieve better results in oral skills when comparing their tests with students of control classes where other methodologies are in use. No relevant differences have been shown by tests when comparing written skills. Therefore the main focus on oral skills has not badly affected the acquisition of reading and writing (see examination table on the web site After these encouraging results, the Dissemination Project represented the second step of a three step policy. It was aimed at exploiting the results of the multilateral project started in 2007 and tried to expand Glottodrama in four more countries organizing new pilot classes in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Bulgaria. In addition, the project created the basis for the third step, the attempt to apply the methodology in the near future to the teaching of other European languages by translating the most important teaching tools from Italian and English to French, Greek, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Bulgarian. These tools, after the ending of the project, are available on the Glottodrama web site. Targeted information and training actions have been performed by the partnership to involve teachers of the local languages: conferences in all the mentioned countries and participation in some relevant language events in 2010. A permanent network of teachers interested in Theatre& Language Teaching has been created on the web.

Results of new trial classes.
At the end of the GLODISS project language exams were administered to eight new classes (four pilot and four control) in four countries (Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain and Turkey) using testing materials similar to those used in the previous project.
Levels ranged from A1 to B1. The results achieved by students confirmed the ones obtained in the previous project and in general terms Glottodrama students showed a better improvement of oral skills and global skills. In addition a more intensive focus on the self-production of texts – through a larger employment of creative writing techniques – took students to achieve remarkably better results also in written sections of the language exam.