Work in progress

The Glottodrama Academy is constantly engaged in developing the Method, introducing innovations and expanding its network.

At this time our Research Team is working on new projects to pursue the following objectives.

Introduce a new format of training courses aimed at increasing the number of Senior Tutors in Europe. The main objective of this innovation is to make possible, as an alternative to the 2-teacher formula, the organization of classes by employing only one teacher. An action to meet the pressing requests received over the last years by many teachers and educational institutions.

Launch a specific Glottodrama language programme addressed to young professional actors in order to foster mobility of young artists in Europe.

Implement tailored Glottodrama courses addressed to migrants and refugees to promote language and social integration of these disadvantaged students with Special Education Needs. The remarkable intercultural dimension of the Glottodrama is quite a promising feature that makes this method one of the best solutions to cater for this target group.